March 01, 2018
By focal point photography

Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to help us climb out of a funk. Sometimes looking at things differently can help you get out of the same old pitfalls.

As you may have noticed, my new website has launched. It's been a labor of love for sure. It is always hard to go back and look at all of your old work and wish you could re-edit every image. But, where is the fun in that? I think seeing growth and remembering where you came from is paramount to being grateful and content.  

This is one of my favorite sessions from 2017. Look at these amazing outfits. She killed the wardrobe and styling. I am always happy to help you with the what to wear part of family photos. I know it can be crippling.  

I enjoyed taking photos at a new venue. It was fun to look for the beauty and think outside the box. I am very comfortable photographing at my usual places, so doing something out of my comfort zone was fun. Exactly what I needed to refresh my mojo after a busy September. 

I would jump for joy if you would take a few minutes to peruse the new site and send me some feedback. I can take it. What do you LOVE? What is something I could change? Thanks for being a part of the village here. 



April 28, 2016
By focal point photography

How many images are on your cell phone? What if you dropped it in the toilet? 

When was the last time you backed them up

Do you wish you had more storage on your phone? 

Is your phone running slow? 

**Disclaimer: this is for iPhone to Mac transfer. That is what I have, so that is what I have mastered. I am so so sorry if you have a PC.  I believe this method works for any phone to Mac transfer. 

It will take you less than one minute... do you believe me? Here is how to do it. 

Plug your phone into your computer.

Go to your Applications folder.

Click on Image Capture. I know you have never heard of it. It's there. Just humor me. 


A window will appear and you will see your phone listed on the left (arrow #1)  and then all your photos and videos will be listed on the right. I have 428 (shows number on bottom of screen)

Pay very close attention to the small box on the bottom left. (arrow #2)  Its easy to miss. You want to click on it to open it. Lean in, this is very very important. 


This is a close up of the box. See, I am making this so darn easy. I promise it's taking you longer to read this than it will take to backup all your photos. Unless you have a dinosaur of a computer. 

Here is where you will choose whether to keep all the photos on your phone (once they are backed up safely on your computer) OR delete them from your phone and hear angels singing because of all the space you have created. 

I choose to keep them on my phone, but only for a short time. As soon as they are on my computer and i can see them in MY PICTURES, or wherever you told them to go, I delete most of them off my phone. I like that you can be selective. 

I am a crazy screen shot mom. I see a recipe I like, I take a screen shot. I see a quote I like, I take a screen shot. I see something I want to buy, I take a screen shot. It's like a visual to-do list. Are you feeling me here? Often there are recipes and ideas I want to use soon, so I don't delete them, but I usually delete 75%+ of my stuff. I know its on my computer and I'm happy to have a faster happier phone with more room for me to fill it back up with photos and videos of my family. 


This is what your screen will look like when you are importing the photos and video onto your computer. I hit the select all button and let it go. I transferred 428 images and videos in less than one minute

I would love to hear how it worked for you. Again, this is how to transfer photos to a Mac computer from a cell phone. 

Now go make some room on your cell and back up those precious photos!! Lastly, go delete them off your phone. And sleep well knowing you accomplished something great today


April 25, 2016
By focal point photography

I get the honor to photograph all kinds of people. I enjoy the variety and challenge that families bring. I love to photograph seniors. What an influential time in a teens life. Its so much fun to hear their hopes and dreams. Couples getting ready to get married are amazing. I love being married and these sessions always fill me up. Photographing kids is always a circus. I love it. When else do you get to bark like a dog and dance around and tell jokes and sing songs as an adult and not be mocked or locked up. I really do have the best job ever. 

I am so blessed to get to know my clients. I love to learn a little about them. I am inspired by all my clients in some small way. I look for the take away. What will I take away from each session? What did I learn from my clients. 

These clients found me online. Yeah google. I did not know their story. Or know anyone who knows them. In a small town, this is rare. I was so inspired by them. They choose to have no TV or internet at home. No internet? What? Is that even legal? Can you imagine the slower pace of life, the contentment, the time you would have without internet? I am not saying I want to choose that lifestyle for myself, but I was super inspired to think about what it would look like. What a great time in their lives to focus on each other and starting a marriage. I loved it. And guess what else??? 

They live in a tiny house. A real tiny house. Not an RV for a short time like what we did. An actual legit shipping container. By choice.

Drops the mic


April 21, 2016
By focal point photography

Do you dread picking out what to wear for your photo session? Does it make you so stressed out that you decide to skip booking the photos all together? 


Believe it or not, over half of my clients ask for help when deciding what to wear for photos. This makes me so immensley happy because I love the styling part of a photoshoot. I think before we start tearing up your closet and scouring the web for the perfect attire, there are a few questions that need to be asked. 

  • 1- Why are you getting photos taken? 

What are they for? Are they a gift? Because you want a fun Christmas card? Someone guilted you into it? Everyone else is doing it? You got a bargain? To capture a moment or season of life? 

These are all OK reasons, but knowing why you are having them taken is important. It helps see the mission through to the end. It helps with the anxiety that often follows when thinking about having a "stranger" take your photos. If you remember the "why" it will make the session seem more important and worthwhile. Often times just answering this question will help put some parameters on what to wear. For example, if you are getting them taken for Christmas cards, maybe you want to wear holiday colors. Again, start with "why" you are having them taken.

  • 2- What will you do with these images? 

Will you be purchasing prints or digital files? Are you going to hang prints in your living room? Are you making an album for a grandparent? Are they mothers day gifts? Lets be honest here.... do you digital files ever even leave your computer....... please please please buy a few prints. 

Start this thinking process early. If they are just for fun to share on social media, then what you wear may not be as important. You may not need to develop an ulcer worrying about it. If they are for a gift, think about what the recipient likes. For example, my mom would like more traditional styled photos. Her house decor is forest green and burgundy, so wearing bright red should be out of the running. These little decisions and thoughts are not life and death, but planning ahead will help simplify the actual wardrobe selection process. 

  • 3- What is my wardrobe budget

Should we just use what you have already in your closet? Can you buy something that will work for dual purposes (easter, mothers day, Christmas)? Are you so darn excited that you have budgeted a few hundred dollars to make the styling part of the process a priority? 

I am all about budgets. When clients give me a budget, I stick to it. I am not afraid to use what you have. I actually did it for our own family session last June. I know its possible. Confession......My son did have to wear old flip flops with this outfit and I didn't love it. It still bugs me when I look at the photos, so keep these kind of things in mind.

  • 4- Who has the least options

Who has the smallest closet? I always start there. For us, its my junior high aged son. If its not basketball shorts, track pants, hoodies, or t-shirts, he doesn't have it. He has zero pairs of jeans. And he hopes to keep it that way. He has basketball shoes and flip flops. He sees no use for anything else. This is super hard to work around. So, I must start with his wardrobe and build around it. Luckily we had recently attended a wedding and so he had one button up shirt and thats where we started for our wardrobe. It was his only option.

  • 5- What makes you feel comfortable? What will make your spouse and kids feel comfortable? 

Do you know what is worse than having your family photos taken? Having them taken in clothes you hate that make you feel stiff or fake or hot or cold or fat or .... 

After asking these 5 questions and wresting with the answers, we move to the fun part.... Actually picking out the clothes. I promise to help you walk through that. I will put together some tips and tricks for doing that. Stay tuned. 

March 01, 2016

Do you want to win a free session??

Here's how:

Everyday from March 2-16 I will post two images on my new @focalpointphoto instagram account. Find it here:

Like the images to be entered to win. On March 17th I will find the image with the most likes and enter you all in the drawing

Winner will be given a free mini session to use or gift to someone else. Spring mini session to take place on April 23 or 24